Our actions

During 2000 and taking a new step on the path to quality, CAINSA started the implementation of ISO 9001:1994 in its business processes; this standard was audited and certified in December 2003, thereby achieving the certification and implementation of ISO 9001:2000.

The dramatic changes and breakthroughs during the last decade in information technologies and telecommunications, have led to the development of technologies applied to our products or products under development.

A new concept of “Assets availability” is the source of our products and services development for mining and industry as a whole, in order to deliver solutions and better plan maintenance of lined equipment.
Our professionals, laboratories and first class equipment, ensure the manufacture of products, starting with an analysis of the raw materials involved in the process, as in the formulation, manufacturing methods, visual and dimensional inspection of each item to be delivered to our customers.  Thus, we produce finished products that meet the highest demands.

Our service professionals are constantly trained with the latest knowledge in safety, applied technology, and materials in order to deliver the best service to our customers.