Expansion joints

General information

Expansion joints act as flexible joints between existing pipes at mining, oil, industrial, maritime, and specialty service facilities.

Expansion joints allow for contractions or expansions of pipes due to changes in temperature, load, or other factors.

Expansion joints regulate side or angle misalignments.  They absorb vibrations, twisting, noises, and prevent electrolysis between different metals.

Expansion joint components:

okOuter tube made of compounds fit for handling steam, oil, and acid, abrasive materials, air, water, among others.  The tube is reinforced with friction-calendared rubber-coated high-strength synthetic fiber layers, intermediate rubber cushions, and metal rings.

okOuter coating made of compounds fit for temperature, oil, acids, abuse, and ageing due to weathering.

okOuter finish may be furnished with or without central arch or multiple arches, according to user specifications or duty.